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ASAP Rocky Net Worth

What is ASAP Rocky’s net worth In 2024?

The rapper ASAP Rocky is an American, and he is worth $20 million. He got his nickname from the hip-hop group ASAP Mob, which he is a part of. A$AP Rocky has achieved success in hip-hop music and clothing and as a renowned record producer, going by the moniker Lord Flacko.

Early Life Of ASAP Rocky

On October 3, 1988, ASAP Rocky was born as Rakim Mayers in Harlem. In elementary school, Mayers developed an interest in rap music, and by the third grade, he was penning his rap songs. When Mayers was twelve years old, his older brother was slain, his father was put in jail for drug trafficking, and the rest of his family was placed in a shelter. ASAP Rocky continued to write rap songs while travelling around homeless shelters with his mother and sister, selling crack and weed. He was incarcerated for two weeks for drug trafficking, and he was housed in the same cell as future rapper Cassanova.

Career Of ASAP Rocky

ASAP In 2007, Rocky became a member of the ASAP Mob Crew, a group of skilled individuals engaged in the music scene, including rappers, producers, and other people centred in Harlem. His single “Peso” made its way onto the internet and eventually Hot 97, one of the most well-liked radio stations in the tri-state area, launching him onto the national rap scene in early 2011. “Purple Swag” was the next song to be released, and the music videos that went with it became instantly popular. He quickly started touring after inking a $3 million record deal with Sony and Polo Grounds Music. Of that amount, $1.7 million was set aside for his solo endeavours, and the remaining $1.3 million was intended to finance ASAP Worldwide, which he co-founded with executive producer Steven Rodriguez and A&R.

In July 2012, Rocky performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival. He was detained on suspicion of getting into a fight. He performed “Goldie” on the late program on August 21, when his original performance was rescheduled.

ASAP Rocky made his debut album “Long. Live. ASAP Rocky.” in 2013, and it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and was well-received by reviewers. He embarked on a 40-date nationwide tour to promote the album on March 16, 2015, Long. Live. ASAP. It was subsequently certified gold. Along with his success in music, he launched his clothing line, ASAP, later in 2013 and began working with well-known fashion designer and personal friend Raf Simons.

Life Of ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky had two successful singles in 2014. On May 25, 2015, one week ahead of schedule, his second studio album, “A.L.L.A.,” was leaked online. His second album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and garnered mostly positive reviews from critics, becoming his second consecutive number-one charting album. But still. Sales of A.L.L.A. rapidly fell off, making it his lowest-selling album to date.

He declared that the name of his upcoming studio album is “Don’t Be Dumb.” A$ A.P. has worked with several musicians, including Frank Ocean, Lana Del Ray, Tyler, the Creator, Drake, and Kid Cudi.

Personal Life Of ASAP Rocky

Between 2011 and 2012, Rocky dated rapper Iggy Azalea. From 2013 until 2014, he briefly engaged with Chanel Iman, a model. ASAP Rocky disclosed that he was seeing Rihanna in May 2021. In May 2022, the pair welcomed a boy into the world, and Rihanna announced her pregnancy for their second child during the Super Bowl LVII halftime show.

According to Rocky, he used to be a pescatarian but is now vegan.

Legal Issues Of ASAP Rocky

In July 2012, Rocky was sued for allegedly assaulting a man after he saw ASAP doing narcotics in a New York City clothes store. Photos of the incident leaked, leading to his arrest for assault; he later negotiated a plea deal.

ASAP Rocky was accused of assault and misdemeanour on August 31, 2014, following reports that he had smacked a woman at a music festival. The case was dropped because a witness did not appear in court; nevertheless, the woman sued again in July 2014. In April 2015, it was resolved in private.

ASAP Rocky Following a street fight with Mustafa Jafari in July 2019, Rocky was taken into custody in Stockholm, Sweden, on suspicion of aggravated assault. It is said that Jafari was kicked and abused throughout the event. Rocky posted two videos of the incident on Instagram, including him and his group requesting that two young males, one of whom was Jafari, cease following them. In the second video, Jafari is seen striking ASAP’s bodyguard with the headphones after they shatter during a fight. Watchdog video captures the bodyguard assaulting Jafari.

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ASAP Rocky and his bodyguard were detained because it was determined that there was a possibility he might abscond or tamper with the evidence. Jafari was transported to the hospital via ambulance. Rocky’s tour was put on hold when they were detained at Kronoberg Remand Prison for the start of the trial on July 30. Following his detention, the U.S. Embassy visited him, his family requested assistance from Al Sharpton in securing his release, and numerous other musicians, activists, and politicians made unsuccessful attempts to secure his release.

ASAP Rocky entered a not-guilty plea to assault. August 2 marked the conclusion of the trial, and he was freed from detention to await the verdict on August 14. He knew he would be remanded back to Sweden to complete the remainder of his sentence if the ultimate sentence was greater than the time already served when he departed Sweden to travel to the United States aboard his private plane.

ASAP Rocky was taken into custody by L.A.P.D. officers in April 2022 upon his arrival at the Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of committing an attack with a deadly weapon, which stemmed from the November 2021 shooting in Hollywood. After his $550,000 bail was approved, he was soon freed. Subsequently, investigators carried out a search order at his residence, seizing multiple boxes as proof.


ASAP Rocky’s net worth is not just a number; it’s a testament to his journey from Harlem to global stardom. Diverse revenue streams, strategic investments, and a commitment to excellence have shaped his financial odyssey. As fans celebrate his artistic achievements, the financial world acknowledges ASAP Rocky’s prowess in building an empire transcending music.

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