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Brent Rivera Net Worth

What is Brent Rivera’s Net Worth In 2024?

Actor and internet sensation Brent Rivera is an American with a $12 million fortune. Vine, an online video hosting platform no longer operating, is where Brent Rivera initially gained popularity. Users would post extremely brief video clips. Since then, he has amassed sizable fan bases on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Amp Studios is a content group and talent incubator that Rivera co-founded. His sister Lexi Rivera has amassed millions of fans on her TikTok and YouTube channels, making her a well-known online presence.

Early Life Of Brent Rivera

On January 9, 1998, Brent Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California. While his mother, Laura, was a teacher, his father, John, was a firefighter. His three siblings, Brice, Blake, and Lexi, comprised his family. He is of Mexican and Italian origin. The siblings have collaborated on a few web projects, and his sister Lexi also became well-known on social media. Rivera played varsity ice hockey at Huntington Beach High School.

Social Media Sensation

Rivera’s rise to fame can be traced back to the now-defunct platform Vine. His hilarious short videos captivated audiences, quickly turning him into a social media sensation. He transitioned seamlessly to YouTube and continued to amass followers, showcasing his versatility and comedic timing.

Ventures and Collaborations

Beyond the confines of the digital space, Brent Rivera ventured into acting and music. Collaborations with fellow influencers and participation in mainstream projects showcased his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments.

Income Streams Of Brent Rivera

Diversification has been key to Rivera’s financial success. His income streams reveal a blend of advertising deals, brand partnerships, acting gigs, and revenue from his music releases. This multifaceted approach has contributed significantly to his impressive net worth.

Career Of Brent Rivera

Rivera had a childhood interest in acting and producing entertainment. When he was younger, he made many commercial appearances but mostly focused on building his online profile. In 2009, he set up his own YouTube channel and started posting videos of himself there. In 2013, as the Vine app gained popularity, he started his channel on the app. On Vine, he gained around 10 million followers. His humorous and lighthearted content was well-liked by his fans, and as he gained popularity on the network, he started working with other content producers. Along with some of the other extremely well-known Vine developers, he also went on a national tour, stopping in big towns like Boston, Philadelphia, and San Diego.

Rivera turned his attention to expanding his YouTube channel once Vine was shut down in 2016. Although he had started his channel in 2009, he had not expanded his fan base on the website because he was concentrating on Vine. However, he quickly expanded his fan base on YouTube after many of his Vine fans followed him there. At this time, one of his films, “If We Talked How We Texted,” had over 10 million views. The content he generated started going viral.

In 2016, Rivera also secured a campaign against bullying with Hollister, where he assisted in creating awareness of the problem and raised funds to be donated to several groups that work to end bullying. Since then, he has participated in numerous youth-focused charity and philanthropic initiatives.

Career Of Brent Rivera

He co-starred with another well-known Internet personality, Nathan Kress, in the YouTube original “Alexander IRL,” which marked his feature film debut in 2017. In addition, he served as the movie’s producer. He played the role of Gil in five “Brobot” episodes in 2018. He appeared in “Light as a Feather” from 2018 to 2019 as Isaac Salcedo, the main character. He made appearances in both of the Hulu-streamed seasons of the show. 2019 saw Rivera play himself in the film “Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation.” There were seven episodes of the show that were broadcast on AwesomenessTV. He was a nominee in the Choice Male Web Star 2019 Teen Choice Awards category, but he was not selected. He was also nominated in the Best in Lifestyle category of the 9th Streamy Awards.

He appeared as himself on Nickelodeon’s “Group Chat” in 2020. Before playing a major part in the show’s second season, he originally appeared in one episode during the first season. Juanpa Zurita’s Creator Honor Award was given to Rivera during the 10th Streamy Awards 2020. He received nominations the next year for the Creator of the Year and Lifestyle awards. Additionally, he appeared in a YouTube “Dhar Mann” episode.

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In addition, Rivera is the CEO and co-founder of Amp Studios, a content production and talent incubator. The group produced 10 billion monthly views on social media in 2020. He formed the group with Matt Levine, his business partner and Rivera’s manager. As a collective, they want to resemble Disney Channel for a new generation of youth that want to watch media online.

Rivera also has a clothing brand named Relatable. In 2021, he also launched the pop culture-focused podcast “So Relatable.”

Personal Life Of Brent Rivera

In 2019, Rivera dated Eva Gutowski. Additionally, he has a romantic relationship with model Morgan Justus. He started dating Peirson Wodzynski, another popular user on TikTok, in 2021.


Brent Rivera’s journey to success is a captivating tale of talent, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit. From a young entertainer on Vine to a multifaceted influencer, his impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable.

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