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Edd China Net Worth

What is Edd China’s Net Worth In 2024?

Edd China is a $3 million rich English television personality, mechanic, motor specialist, and inventor. One of Edd China’s most well-known roles is from the Discovery Channel series “Wheeler Dealers.” He has additionally made appearances on television programs on cars, including “Top Gear,” “Auto Trader,” “Scraphead Challenge,” and “Fifth Gear.” While attending London South Bank University, he designed the Driving Sofa, or Casual Lofa, before going on television. He is the proprietor of Cummfy Banana Limited, which designs and builds distinctive items for advertising companies or special occasions. Among other fastest products, Ed holds various marks for “fastest furniture,” “fastest office,” “fastest mobile bed,” “fastest garden shed,” and “fastest toilet” in the Guinness Book of World marks.

Early Life Of Edd China

On May 9, 1971, Edd China was born in London, England. From a young age, he showed an interest in vehicles and mechanics. He received his education at Surrey’s King Edward’s School in Witley. Later, he studied engineering product design at London South Bank University, where he graduated with a degree. China’s first significant project as a student was the Driving Sofa or Casual Lofa. He constructed it to generate funds for a Belizean expedition led by Raleigh International.

Career Of Edd China

China gained notoriety as a creator of the Casual Lofa and worked as a special effects technician on “Father Ted” in 1994, his first television gig. To give his radical creations a platform after the popularity of his work on “Father Ted,” China established Cummfy Banana Limited in March 1999. China was questioned about Cummfy Banana’s cars on the television program “Pulling Power” in 2001. In 2006, he was interviewed on “This Morning” regarding his creations.

China drove the Casual Lofa in the Silverstein Live Arena and featured on “Top Gear” in 1998. China and the Casual Lofa were also highlighted on the DVD “The Most Outrageous Jeremey Clarkson Video In The World…Ever!” by Jeremy Clarkson that same year. The Casual Lofa was raced at the Thruxton Circuit in the DVD in a fashion reminiscent of “Wacky Races.” Over the years, China was also highlighted three times on Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast”. He drove the Street Sleeper, the Bog Standard, and the Casual Lofa throughout his performances.

Life Of Edd China


China appeared as a guest in the 1998 episode of “Scrapheap Challenge,” called “Junkyards Wars” in the US. He was part of an episode when they drove sofa cars and beds. China appeared in the TV program “This Is Your Life” episode that same year, which included Suggs, the frontman for Madness. China drove presenter Michael Aspel to the television studios on the Casual Lofa and showed them around familiar places.

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A year later, in 1999, China contributed to the BBC series “Panic Mechanics” as a resident designer. Additionally, he appeared as a guest on the “Top Gear” episode “Build a Bond Car On a Budget.” He displayed a Rover 800 on the show that had been inexpensively customized with ejector seats and other equipment.

After being hired by Discovery Channel in 2003, China and presenter Mike Brewer were charged with creating a brand-new automotive program called “Wheeler Dealers.” It became China’s most well-known television production to date. From 2003 to 2017, China and Brewer co-presented the program for 13 seasons. Disagreements over the show’s direction led to China’s announcement on his YouTube channel in March 2017 that he was leaving the program.

While working on “Wheeler Dealers,” China continued to make guest appearances on productions and other television programs. He appeared on BBC’s “Ready Steady Cook” as a celebrity guest for a Children in Need Special 2005. He co-hosted the brief “Auto Trader” television series alongside Mike Brewer. The Discover Channel aired the series. In the same year, he hosted “Classic Car Club,” a television miniseries for the UK that looked at the background and customs of vintage automobiles. He presented it with Penny Mallory, Tony Mason, and Alex Riley. 2007 saw China as a guest on “The Culture Show.” He was interviewed while chauffeuring Arthur Smith and other performers around the Edinburgh Festival.

China debuted his new series on his YouTube channel, “Edd China’s Garage Revival,” in May 2018. China also updates his “Edd China” YouTube account regularly with videos. In the “AskEdd” series on the channel, he responds to queries from viewers. He debuted his YouTube series “Edd China’s Workshop Diaries” in 2021, showcasing his many efforts in his workshop.

Over his career, China has held and attempted several world records. He owns the “Guinness World Record” for the largest motorized shopping trolley, the quickest bed, and the fastest toilet. China participated in an eBay-sponsored competition in 2012 as a drag racer, earning a spot in the “Guinness World Record” as the fastest milk float ever.

Personal Life Of Edd China

China is wed to Norwegian entrepreneur Imogen China. China has generally kept his personal life private; nothing is known about his family or relationships.


As we conclude this exploration, we reflect on the remarkable journey of Edd China and the net worth he has accrued. His impact on the automotive world and his triumphs are a testament to dedication and passion.

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