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Grady Sizemore Net Worth

What is Grady Sizemore’s Net Worth In 2024?

With a net worth of $16 million, Grady Sizemore is an American professional baseball player. Grady Sizemore planned to attend the University of Washington to play football and baseball in college. Still, the Montreal Expos selected him in the third round of the 2000 Major League Baseball draft before he could sign a contract.

On July 21, 2004, he made his playing debut for the Cleveland Indians. Sizemore was an Indian player through 2011. He struggled with several ailments and didn’t return to the field until 2014 when he signed a one-year deal with the Boston Red Sox. He played for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2015, his last baseball season.

Through 2014, Sizemore, a left-handed centre fielder, had a batting average of.266. Sizemore has won two Gold Glove Awards and was an MLB All-Star three times. In 2008, he entered the 30-30 club the same season he earned the Silver Slugger Award. Sizemore topped the American League in 2006 in both doubles hit and runs scored. Grady Sizemore made less than $31 million in pay throughout his career.

Early Life Of Grady Sizemore

On August 2, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, Grady Sizemore was born. He started participating in sports early on and played baseball, basketball, and football as a high school athlete at Cascade High School in Everett, Washington. After graduating in 2000, he committed to playing baseball and football at the University of Washington. Sizemore was the school record holder for most rushing yards at the time. He had a 3.85 GPA when he graduated high school and was academically gifted.

Career Of Grady Sizemore

The Montreal Expos took Grady Sizemore in the third round of the 2000 Major League Baseball draft; therefore, he never really attended the University of Washington. The team persuaded him to play professional baseball straight out of high school rather than going to college by offering him a $2 million signing bonus. Sizemore concurred.

Two years later, in June 2002, the Expos dealt Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew to the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Sizemore and a few other players. It wasn’t until July 21, 2004, that Sizemore made his Major League debut with the Indians. Up until then, he had been playing in development. In 2005, he spent his first full season as an Indian. He made a name for himself as one of baseball’s rising stars in the centre field very rapidly. In their hitting lineup, he was also designated as the Indians’ leadoff hitter.

He inked a six-year, over $23 million contract with the Indians before the start of the 2006 campaign. Sizemore was chosen as a reserve outfielder for his first All-Star Game in 2006.

Life Of Grady Sizemore


Grady Sizemore hit four home runs in his first six games of the 2007 season. On April 27, he hit a three-run home run inside the park. The general manager of the Indians called Sizemore “one of the greatest players of our generation” in the cover story. That July, he received a call-up to his second All-Star squad. It was revealed in November that Sizemore had won his first Gold Glove, an honour bestowed to players who have excelled in various positional fielding scenarios.

Before April 27, 2008, Sizemore had played in 382 straight games. This came to an end when he hurt his ankle. But he bounced back fast, hitting his 20th home run and stealing his 20th base in July. This was his fourth consecutive year of 20/20. From 2005 to 2008, he was the first batter to hit at least 20 home runs at least 20 bases in a year.

In 2008, Grady Sizemore was selected for the American All-Star Team for the third time and participated in the Home Run Derby. When Sizemore hit his 29th home run in August of that year, he established a new career high. A few weeks later, he hit his thirty-first and thirty-first home runs, making him the thirty-second member of the 30-30 club—a group of players who, in one season, have hit thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases. Sizemore won his second Gold Glove for his performance.

Grady Sizemore suffered a groin injury early in spring training, which made him struggle more throughout the 2009 campaign. Although he did make a comeback to play and hit the first grand slam home run at the newly constructed Yankee Stadium in April, he ultimately decided to have elbow surgery in September. A week later, he underwent surgery on his lower abdomen as well.

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He participated in 33 games in 2010 until his season was cut short due to a knee microfracture. After returning, he played fairly well, but the Indians turned down Sizemore’s 2012 contract option. After that, he signed a one-year deal with the Indians but was sidelined by injury. Through the 2013 MLB season, he was a free agent.

Grady Sizemore signed a one-year contract with the Boston Red Sox in January 2014. Before the Red Sox cut him loose, he was a team member for about half a year. He inked a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in June. Against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he recorded his 1,000th career hit. In June 2015, he was released from his Phillies contract. The Tampa Bay Rays offered him a minor-league contract after that. By year’s end, he was a free agent, and in 2016, he played no games. Following his playing retirement, he was brought on by the Indians in February 2017 to serve as an advisor to the player development department.

Personal Life Of Grady Sizemore

On Christmas Day of 2011, Sizemore asked his girlfriend, Brittany Binger, to marry him. Binger used to be an actress and “Playboy” model. Since then, they got married and had a son together. Arizona is where the family resides.


In conclusion, Grady Sizemore’s journey from a baseball enthusiast to a celebrated player, coach, and entrepreneur is a testament to his versatility. His impact on the sport, combined with a flourishing post-playing career, cements his legacy in the annals of baseball history.

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