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Mary Barra Net Worth

What is Mary Barra’s Net Worth In 2024?

American businesswoman Mary Barra is worth a whopping $90 million. At General Motors, Mary Barry holds the positions of CEO and chair. She became the first female CEO of one of the “Big Three” automakers in 2014, taking over from Daniel Akerson. Before this, Barra was GM’s executive vice president of supply chain, purchasing, and global product development.

Stock Holdings Of Mary Barra

During her first ten years as GM’s CEO, Mary received $200 million in total remuneration (salary, bonuses, benefits, and equity grants). Although her base pay is $2 million, she often makes between $20 and $30 million annually. For instance, she was paid $2 million in salary, $13.1 million in stock awards, $3.75 million in options, and $3.78 million in performance awards as part of her $23.7 million compensation package in 2020.

She received $2.1 million in salary, almost $7.64 million in bonus money, about $3.94 million in stock options, and nearly $14.6 million in stock in 2021. Her total compensation was $29,136,780.Her total remuneration in 2022 was $28,979,570, which included a $2,100,000 salary, a $6,258,000 bonus, $4,875,010 in stock options, $14,625,000 in stock awards, and $1,121,560 in other forms of compensation.

Mary Barra possesses a minimum of 1,127,563 shares of General Motors (GM). Approximately 1.378 billion GM shares were outstanding as of September 30, 2023. These figures indicate that Mary Barra owns roughly 0.082% of all GM’s outstanding shares.

Early Life Of Mary Barra

Born on December 24, 1961, in Royal Oak, Michigan, Mary Teresa Barra grew up with a passion for automobiles. She attended Waterford schools and later pursued a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Kettering University. Her dedication and drive propelled her towards further academic pursuits, earning a Master of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

General Motors Of Mary Barra

As a co-op student, Barra began working with General Motors in 1980. She was supposed to be inspecting hoods and fender panels. Then, Barra worked in various engineering and managerial roles, heading the Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly factory. Barra had been with the corporation for many years when she was appointed vice president of GM’s global production engineering division at the beginning of 2008. She rose to executive vice president of global product development in 2011 after being promoted to global human resources vice president in 2009. The job of Barra was extended in 2013 to encompass supply chain and worldwide purchasing.

Early in 2014, Barra took over as General Motors’ CEO from Daniel Akerson. As a result, she became the first female CEO of one of the “Big Three” automakers. In Barra’s first year on the job, GM faced criticism for multiple safety recalls and fatalities linked to malfunctioning ignition switches. Barra and the business were also charged with buying accolades to help divert attention from the issue and improve GM’s reputation. Ultimately, the recalls resulted in new guidelines encouraging staff members to report issues. Barra has gained notoriety for her initiatives to get GM to switch to electric and driverless cars. The business acquired several businesses, including the autonomous technology start-up Strobe.

Life Of Mary Barra

Board and Council Positions Of Mary Barra

Barra serves on several boards and councils besides her job at General Motors. She is a member of the Disney board, the Stanford University board of trustees, the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council, and the boards of directors of the Detroit Economic Club and Detroit Country Day School. Barra joined the Homeland Security Advisory Council in 2022.

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Honours and Awards Of Mary Barra

Barra’s contributions to the business sector are well known. She has appeared in Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Woman list several times, and in 2018, Forbes’ Most Powerful Women list placed her fourth. Barra received the Legend in Leadership Award from the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute in 2018. She was later listed in the Time 100 and the first Forbes 50 Over 50 list in 2021. Barra won the Arthur W. Page Center Awards’ Larry Foster Award for Integrity in Public Communication a few years later. Duke University and the University of Michigan have also awarded her honorary degrees.

Personal Life Of Mary Barra

Tony, a consultant, and Barra originally met as students at the General Motors Institute. Tony is her husband. The couple lives with their two kids in Northville Township, a western Detroit, Michigan suburb. Barra possesses an apartment in Detroit’s downtown area.


Barra is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives, supporting causes related to education, healthcare, and community development. Her commitment to social responsibility reflects her values and dedication to making a positive impact beyond the business realm.

Impact and Legacy

Barra’s legacy extends far beyond her professional achievements, encompassing her trailblazing role as a female leader and advocate for diversity and inclusion. Her transformative leadership at General Motors has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry, inspiring future leaders.


In conclusion, Mary Barra’s journey from an engineering co-op student to the CEO of General Motors exemplifies the power of perseverance, determination, and visionary leadership. Her remarkable contributions have reshaped the automotive landscape and paved the way for greater diversity and inclusivity in corporate leadership.

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