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Vince Camuto Net Worth

What was Vince Camuto’s net worth In 2024?

At the time of his death, Vince Camuto, an American businessman and footwear designer, was worth $700 million. Vince, the son of a lowly seamstress in New York City, made his first million dollars as a co-founder of the women’s clothing company Nine West. For $900 million, Jones Apparel Group purchased Nine West in 1999.

After that, Vince made a second fortune as the creator of the shoe licensee Camuto Group. This indicated that it produced goods under license for names and brands. For instance, Jessica Simpson hired the Camuto Group in the middle of the 2000s to produce her line of designer shoes.

Early Life Of Vince Camuto

On June 4, 1936, John Vincent Camuto was born in New York, New York. When Vince was two years old, his father, who was born in Sicily, passed away. Louise, his mother, was a seamstress.

Vince went to New York City’s Seward Park High School. Since attending college was out of the question, he started working as a shoe repair boy at a department store when he was eighteen. After graduating, he worked in retail sales.

Career Of Vince Camuto

Vince started working at the Sudbury Shoe Company in the 1960s. He picked up knowledge about the business of large-scale shoe manufacture here. Vince was given control over the company’s failing Maine operation while Sudbury employed him. In a few years, he was able to turn around the factory.

Vince experienced a stroke of luck in 1968 while flying. He was seated next to Jerome “Jack” Fisher during this journey. After they clicked, they agreed to go into business together during the aircraft flight.

Jack and Vince signed an agreement to establish and oversee a shoe factory in Brazil with the Japanese trade corporation Sumitomo Corporation.

Life Of Vince Camuto

Nine West Of Vince Camuto

After Jack and Vince quit Sumitomo in 1977, they started their own company, which they originally called “Fisher Camuto” before changing it to “Nine West.”

Importing shoes and matching footwear in cases was one of Nine West’s greatest discoveries in its early years. At the time, other importers would simultaneously bring in a wide range of sizes, which may lead to a nightmare for warehouses and inventories. The company achieved perfect supply and demand matching by significantly reducing its storage and inventory planning expenses by importing all sizes in single shipments.

The business quickly established several locations around the US.

In 1993, Nine West went public.

For $900 million, Jones Apparel Group purchased Nine West in 1999. That equates to about $1.5 billion in current currency (inflation-adjusted).

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Camuto Group Of Vince Camuto

Vince and his wife Louise, who should not be confused with his mother Louise Camuto, founded the Camuto Group two years after selling Nine West. The Camuto Group’s mission was to create, market, procure, and produce shoes for retailers and other licensees. Before long, the Camuto Group began producing shoes for Dillard’s, Nurture, Antonio Melani, and other businesses. However, Camuto truly struck gold with license agreements.

The sole license to produce shoes for labels including Max Azria, BCBG, Tory Burch, Jessica Simpson, and Lucky Brand Jeans belonged to The Camuto Group.

The $200 Reva flat sneaker the Camuto Group designed for Tory Burch was one of their biggest hits. At the time, similar high-end shoes cost between $700 and $1,000.

Jessica Simpson Brand Of Vince Camuto

The Camuto Group and Jessica Simpson’s newly formed clothing business inked an exclusive master licensing agreement in 2005. Camuto purchased the rights to produce clothing in addition to shoes with Simpson. Besides acquiring the master license, Camuto also acquired a quarter of Simpson’s total brand.

The first shoe Camuto designed specifically for Simpson was the “Daisy,” a crimson, high-heeled cowboy boot introduced in 2005 to correspond with Jessica’s role in the film version of “Dukes of Hazzard.” Eventually, they produced everything under Simpson’s name, including clothes and cologne.

The Jessica Simpson brand had almost $750 million in retail sales by 2010. The brand’s gross sales reached over $1 billion at its height in 2014.

Personal Life and Passing Of Vince Camuto

On January 21, 2015, Vince Camuto, who was 78 years old, passed away from prostate cancer. A passage from Jessica Simpson included in the program for his funeral:

“I will forever walk in your shoes… you made them.”

From 1992 until his passing, he was wed to Louise, a former Miss Sweden.

Real Estate Of Vince Camuto

At the time of his passing, Vince’s principal residence was a 23-acre estate near Greenwich, Connecticut, which he had called “Chateau Ridge.” The site has a 16,000-square-foot residence designed to resemble a European castle. The property taxes on the house total at least $130,000 a year. The house was put up for auction in 2020, with a $25 million starting bid:

Vince and his spouse spent $35 million on a Hamptons house 2005. The property was owned by the sisters of the Order of St. Dominic since 1931 when they purchased it. Vince’s wife sold the estate in 2018 for less than $50 million.


In conclusion, Vince Camuto’s net worth goes beyond monetary figures. It encompasses a legacy of creativity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. His journey inspires fashion enthusiasts and anyone with a dream and the determination to turn it into reality.

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