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Chris Wallace Net Worth

What is Chris Wallace’s net worth In 2024?

Chris Wallace is a 25 million dollar net worth American journalist, novelist, and television anchor. Before joining Fox News in 2003, he spent fourteen years working for ABC. He presented “Fox News Sunday” on Fox News and the Fox Broadcasting networks. On December 12, 2021, Chris unexpectedly announced his departure from Fox.

Early Life Of Chris Wallace

On October 12, 1947, Christopher W. Wallace was born in Chicago, Illinois. Given that he was born on Columbus Day, he was named Christopher. Although Chris had very little contact with his father growing up and only reconnected when he was a teenager, he is the biological son of journalist Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes”. When he was one year old, his parents got divorced. Chris was raised by his mother, Norma, and her new spouse, Bill Leonard, the president of CBS News.

After earning his degree from Harvard University, Chris Wallace started his career as a broadcaster by covering news for the school radio station. After graduating, he decided to forgo attending Yale Law School to concentrate on journalism, accepting a position at The Boston Globe. After that, he started working for a Chicago television station. In 1975, NBC hired him as a correspondent. After 14 years as a reporter for WNBC-TV in New York, he moved on to work as a political correspondent for NBC News. In the early 1980s, he co-anchored “Today” from Washington. He went on to anchor several shows for ABC throughout his fourteen-year tenure with the network.

Fox News Of Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace departed ABC in 2003 after a lengthy and fruitful career to host his program, “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” on Fox News. Over time, he developed a reputation as one of the network’s most trustworthy and impartial anchors. Remarkably, he is a registered Democrat, although he leans more toward the Republican side. He registered as a Democrat because he thought it would be the best method to influence local elections in D.C.

Life Of Chris Wallace

He has done numerous incredibly noteworthy interviews while working at Fox. He got Barack Obama’s first interview with Fox News in 2009. In the 2016 Republican Party Presidential Debate, he co-moderated. After winning the election, he conducted Donald Trump’s first interview.

Chris notably questioned Russian politician Vladimir Putin in a 2018 interview about why so many of his political rivals died in office. He won an Emmy for Best Live Interview for the interview.

Chris surprised everyone by announcing his resignation from Fox News on December 12, 2021. It was believed that he had been at odds with management behind closed doors on the opinions of several of his fellow Fox anchors.

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Salary Of Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace made a maximum of $7 million a year at Fox. According to reports, his most recent Fox contract, which was revealed at the time, was signed in September 2017 and extended for several years past the 2020 election. Whether he will continue to get his salary or whether his December 2021 resignation cost him millions of dollars is uncertain.

Personal Life Of Chris Wallace

Chris has two marriages under his belt. Four children were born in his first marriage in 1973 to Elizabeth Farrell. Since 1997, Chris and Lorraine Martin Smothers have been wed. Dick Smothers, the comedian, singer, and actor from the Smothers Brothers, was Lorraine’s first husband.

Real Estate Of Chris Wallace

A five thousand square foot estate in one of the nicest areas in Washington, D.C., cost Chris and Lorraine $1.1 million in 1997. Years later, Ivanka Trump and Barack Obama owned houses in the area. According to similar sales, Chris’s house is currently valued between $4-6 million.

In Annapolis, Maryland, Chris and Lorraine also own a seaside house. They spent much time on Martha’s Vineyard, where his birth father, Mike Wallace, had a magnificent beachside house during their vacations. Eventually, Chris would add, he and Lorraine contemplated purchasing a vacation house on Martha’s Vineyard, but they became impatient with the island’s frequent missed connections and airline delays. So they chose a vacation home near Annapolis, much closer to D.C.—an hour or two, depending on traffic. Having a vacation house nearby was a huge plus since Chris had to record on Sunday mornings for Fox News at the time of the purchase.


In wrapping up, Chris Wallace’s journey is a testament to journalistic excellence. His career, interviews, and net worth collectively paint a portrait of a media figure who has shaped the industry.

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