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Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth

What is Kimi Räikkönen’s Net Worth in 2024?

The net worth of racing driver Kimi Raikkonen, a Finn, is $250 million. At his height, Kimi was among the highest-paid athletes in the world, making well over $50 million annually. Since he was born and raised in Finland’s frigid climate and maintained his composure under duress, Räikkönen has acquired the nickname “Iceman” for himself and respect from the racing community and the media.

One of the most successful Formula One racers in Finland’s history is Räikkönen. As of 2020, he had won 21 Grand Prix. He has competed for several different Formula One teams, although his greatest achievements were with Ferrari. Kimi has competed in various motorsport competitions outside of Formula One, such as the World Rally Championship, NASCAR, snowmobile races, and many more.

Early Life Of Kimi Raikkonen 

On October 17, 1979, Kimi-Matias Räikkönen was born in Espoo, Finland. Räikkönen began his racing career in karting at ten, having started at a relatively young age. He demonstrated his amazing tenacity by continuing to drive his kart even after his steering wheel broke when he was fifteen years old and participated in Monaco racing races. Kimi had vocal cord damage in a bicycle accident when he was a little boy. His voice is affected, which results in a highly unique speaking style.

After a while, he advanced to more prominent events, including the British Formula Renault Winter Series, the Nordic Championship, the European Formula Super A Championship, the Formula Ford Euro Cup, and the Formula Renault UK Championship. He was assured of a Formula One career by his impressive results.

Formula One Of Kimi Raikkonen 

In 2000, Räikkönen debuted on the Formula One scene at the Mugello Circuit after joining the Sauber team. The Sauber team did everything possible to hide Kimi from their competitors until he made his big-stage debut because of his extraordinary promise. He had only competed in 23 races when he received his Formula One license in 2001.

Life Of Kimi Raikkonen

In 2002, Räikkönen left Sauber after a strong debut season. He then joined the McLaren team. After his first race with the team, he finished third, but he was never able to reach his full ability due to engine problems. Nevertheless, even though McLaren was using an antiquated engine and chassis, he went on to win his first race in 2003 and kept up his impressive results. Despite several setbacks, the team maintained its strong performance, and they had a chance to win the Constructors’ Championship until the last race. Throughout the season, Michael Schumacher and Räikkönen also engaged in combat.

Even with the ongoing engine problems in 2004, Kimi Raikkonen was still performing at a high level. Many regarded him as one of the sport’s rising stars, and other racing teams started to consider him. Throughout 2005, problems with the McLaren vehicles persisted, leading Kimi Raikkonen to consider quitting the team. But he had plenty of positive moments, taking home Autosport’s “International Driver of the Year” title.

Räikkönen’s 2006 experience was similar, and in 2007, he ultimately signed a contract with Ferrari, leaving McLaren. As of 2019, he was the last driver from Scuderia Ferrari to win a World Drivers Championship at the end of his first season with his new club. After recording ten fastest laps throughout the season, he took home the DHL Fastest Lap Award the following year for the second consecutive year.

The Ferraris appeared noticeably slower than the Red Bull and Brawn teams during the 2009 season. After finishing 12th in that year’s race, Kimi Raikkonen quit Formula One after many talks with different teams broke down. He subsequently rallied in the WRC for the next three years, finishing off the top paces most of the time despite turning in decent finishes.

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2011 saw Kimi Raikkonen make yet another change of direction, this time attempting a career in NASCAR. He was undoubtedly talented, yet he was unable to get a contract. He rejoined Formula One in 2012 and signed an agreement with Lotus. He swiftly demonstrated that he was still skilled by placing third overall and earning podium results. After winning the Australian Grand Prix in 2013, he had to end the season early because of a back issue. Between 2014 and 2018, Kimi Raikkonen made a second appearance at Ferrari. Kimi performed well and received contract extensions with the team despite not regaining his previous form after winning the championship with Ferrari.

Räikkönen joined Alfa Romeo Racing in 2019. With a fantastic first half of the season, he once again showed that he was still very talented and led the squad to new heights of achievement. However, his performance significantly declined in 2020, and he effectively dropped to second place behind the novice Antonio Giovinazzi in the Alfa Romeo driver rankings.

Relationships Of Kimi Raikkonen 

Kimi got to know the Finnish model Jenni Dahlman in 2002. They married two years later and remained together for over ten years before divorcing in 2014. Then, Räikkönen became engaged to another model, Minna-Mari Virtanen. The pair were married a year after welcoming their first child into the world in 2015. Virtanen and Kimi Raikkonen welcomed their second child together in 2017.

Real Estate Of Kimi Raikkonen 

Given his astounding net worth, it should be no surprise that Kimi Raikkonen has substantial real estate interests; in 2008, he was very busy. He sold his Finland house for 14.5 million euros in the beginning. According to reports, the house has eight rooms and is located in Helsinki, the country’s capital. Then he bought an opulent seaside home in Phuket, Thailand, a beautiful city. After purchasing the house for $1.5 million, he declared that he intended to utilize it as a hideaway for himself, his friends, and their families.

Kimi paid $24 million for a “dream home” in Baar, Switzerland, in 2009. The large villa, named “Butterfly” by Kimi Raikkonen, was located near Zurich once the purchase was finalized. The house has three thousand square feet of living space, outdoor swimming pools, and a sizable underground garage for the serious driver. It was revealed in 2014 that Kimi had paid three million euros for a second house in Helsinki. Rumour has it that Raikonnen also owns estates in Porkkola, Dubai, and Tahko.


In conclusion, Kimi Raikkonen’s net worth reflects his extraordinary success as a racing driver and his shrewd business understanding and commitment to making a difference. As he continues to leave his mark on motorsport, Raikkonen’s legacy as “The Iceman” will undoubtedly endure for generations.

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