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Tommy Tallarico Net Worth

Tommy Tallarico Net Worth, Life, and Business Ventures

Tommy Tallarico is a name that resonates deeply within the video game industry. As a renowned video game composer, musician, and entrepreneur, his contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of gaming entertainment. This blog post dives into Tommy Tallarico Net Worth, life, and business ventures, offering valuable insights for video game enthusiasts, business entrepreneurs, and financial planning aficionados.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on February 18, 1968, in Springfield, Massachusetts, Tommy Tallarico’s passion for music and video games was evident from an early age. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by the burgeoning video game culture of the 80s, alongside his love for rock music. His career began in earnest when he moved to Los Angeles at 21, with nothing but a dream and the determination to make it in the video game industry.

Breaking into the Video Game Industry

Tallarico’s break came when he landed a job at Virgin Games. His talent quickly shone through, leading him to work on iconic games such as “Earthworm Jim,” “The Terminator,” and “Aladdin.” His innovative approach to video game music set him apart, making him one of the most sought-after composers in the industry.

Net Worth: A Reflection of Diverse Ventures

Tommy Tallarico’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, a testament to his diverse career and entrepreneurial spirit. But how did he amass such wealth?

Video Game Composing

Tallarico’s primary source of income has been his work as a video game composer. With over 300 video games to his credit, his compositions have become synonymous with some of the most beloved titles in gaming history. His ability to blend electronic music with traditional orchestral elements has garnered acclaim and lucrative contracts from major gaming studios.

Video Games Live

One of Tallarico’s most ambitious and successful ventures is “Video Games Live,” a concert series that blends live symphonic performances with video game music. Launched in 2005, these concerts have toured globally, attracting fans of all ages. The success of “Video Games Live” has not only bolstered Tallarico’s net worth but has also cemented his status as a pioneer in the video game music industry.

Tommy Tallarico Net Worth

Intellivision Entertainment

In 2018, Tallarico took on the role of President & CEO of Intellivision Entertainment, aiming to revive the classic gaming console brand with the launch of the Intellivision Amico. This venture reflects his deep understanding of the gaming market and his commitment to delivering family-friendly gaming experiences. The Amico has garnered significant attention, and its success could further elevate Tallarico’s financial standing.

Other Business Ventures

Tallarico’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond gaming. He has dabbled in various other ventures, including television production, with shows like “Electric Playground” and “Reviews on the Run,” which further contributed to his wealth and influence in the gaming community.

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Personal Life: The Man Behind the Music

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tommy Tallarico’s personal life is equally intriguing.

Passion for Collecting

Tallarico is an avid collector of video game memorabilia, amassing a collection that includes rare games, consoles, and other artifacts. This passion not only reflects his love for the industry but also serves as a valuable investment.


Tallarico is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in supporting video game music and education. He has been involved in numerous charitable activities, including fundraising concerts and initiatives to promote music education for underprivileged youth.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Financial Planners

Tommy Tallarico’s journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and financial planners.

Diversification is Key

Tallarico’s wealth and success are largely due to his diversified career. From composing to concert production and business leadership, his ability to branch out into various ventures has been crucial. For entrepreneurs, this underscores the importance of diversification in building and sustaining wealth.

Passion Drives Success

Tallarico’s passion for video games and music has been the cornerstone of his success. His story is a powerful reminder that pursuing what you love can lead to both personal fulfillment and financial success.

Innovation and Adaptation

Throughout his career, Tallarico has demonstrated an ability to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape of the gaming industry. This adaptability is vital for anyone looking to thrive in today’s fast-paced business world.


Tommy Tallarico’s net worth, life, and business ventures paint a picture of a man who has not only excelled in his field but has also made significant contributions to the video game industry. His journey from a young enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist offers valuable lessons for video game enthusiasts, business entrepreneurs, and financial planners alike.


Q: What is Tommy Tallarico’s primary source of income?

A: Tommy Tallarico’s primary source of income is his work as a video game composer, with over 300 games to his credit.

Q: How did Tommy Tallarico amass his net worth?

A: With a diversified career and entrepreneurial spirit, Tommy Tallarico has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Q: What other ventures has Tommy Tallarico been involved in besides composing?

A: In addition to composing, Tommy Tallarico has also been involved in ventures such as “Video Games Live” concerts, Intellivision Entertainment, television production, and philanthropy.

Q: What lessons can be learned from Tommy Tallarico’s success?

A: Tommy Tallarico’s journey offers valuable lessons on the importance of diversification, pursuing one’s passions, and being adaptable in the business world. Also, his philanthropic efforts serve as an example of using success to give back to others. Stay tuned for more insights and updates on influential figures in the gaming and business industries.

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